What Is An ASC?


Ambulatory Surgical Center

Ambulatory surgical centers take a streamlined approach to surgery and are utilized for surgeries that do not require a hospital stay. Patients check in on the day of their surgery, have the surgery in a fully equipped, CMS certified operating room, and recover under the care of the facility’s nursing staff — all without hospital admission. Patients and their families alike benefit not only from the high-quality care provided, but also from the comfortable and safe ASC environment found at Independent Surgery Center, LLC. ASCs are committed to providing patients with access to the highest quality surgical care while lowering their cost-sharing obligations and assisting the healthcare community in containing health expenditures.

“Operating at Independent Surgery Center is a win-win for patients and eye surgeons alike,” says Dr. Harvey. “The environment at Independent Surgery Center is tailored to performing eye surgeries, with the latest ophthalmic technology, specially trained nursing and surgical staff, and easy access. In addition, costs are lower. It is an easy choice!” Surgeons Thomas Harvey, MD, and Terrence McCanna, MD are partners in this venture, and this $1 Million facility is equipped for most eye surgeries and lasers, including: cataract, cornea, glaucoma, and eyelid procedures.

Cataract surgery and other eye procedures with a recovery time of less than 24 hours, can be performed at an ASC, instead of at a hospital. Independent Surgery Center, LLC, now provides a cost-effective and convenient alternative to hospital out-patient eye surgery in the Chippewa Valley. For example, the average ASC facility charge for cataract surgery in 2013 was only $2,498, compared to local out-patient hospital charges ranging from $3,459 to $7,742. NOTE: All out-patient surgery charge data for cataract surgery and other out-patient procedures such as knee replacements, colonoscopies, etc. are available to the public online at www.wipricepoint.org.

Independent Surgery Center, LLC has a policy of Price Transparency and lists its prices and those of area hospitals, which are publicly available at www.wipricepoint.org on this website. Patients having surgery are able to call Independent Surgery Center, LLC for assistance in determining their financial responsibility; the amount a patient pays is always dependent on the insurance coverage they have and may be even less than the “charge” rates available to the public.


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