Independent Surgery Center

Independent Surgery Center, LLC is equipped for most eye surgeries and lasers, including those for cataract, cornea, glaucoma, and eye lids. Our expert eye surgeons specialize in outpatient, same-day surgical procedures.

Independent Surgery Center, LLC is an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC). ASCs are modern health care facilities focused on providing same-day surgical care, including diagnostic and preventive health care procedures. ASCs have transformed the outpatient experience for millions of Americans by offering a convenient, personalized, lower-cost alternative to hospitals―and have done so with a strong track record of top quality care and positive patient outcomes.

Independent Surgery Center, LLC is Medicare-certified, which means the facility passed a rigorous series of nationally recognized tests and holds to these high standards every day. This accreditation underscores the commitment of our surgeons and staff to provide the highest possible level of safety and care for our patients.

As the surgical center’s Clinical Director, Teri Hurrion RN, brings more than 20 years of operating room experience to Independent Surgery Center, LLC. The surgical center is staffed by a highly trained and experienced team of nurses and technicians, as well as business office professionals. Their job and ultimate priority is to ensure a positive experience for patients and their families who utilize the center.

The facility is owned by two local physicians: Dr. Thomas Harvey of Independent Vision Group and Dr. Terry McCanna of CVEC- Chippewa Falls.


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