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When Independent Surgery Center, LLC, opened in the summer of 2012, we became the only free standing surgery center in northwestern Wisconsin specializing in Ophthalmology.

Because of our size and our primary focus on eye surgeries, we have lower administrative costs than a hospital, and can charge less than a hospital. As a result, our charges are often less than half of what would be paid for the same surgery performed at a local hospital.

Most patients don’t realize that the cost of an eye procedure can vary greatly between local facilities. Ambulatory surgery centers, like Independent Surgery Center, LLC, consistently offer a lower cost alternative, while still being held to the same Medicare and quality standards as the hospitals.

Click here to see detailed charge data for local facilities.

How we generate $XXX in savings for our patients

The procedures performed at Independent Surgery Center, LLC save our patients money. Simply put, here’s how it works: $ xx Our price $ yy Our competitor’s price $ difference = savings passed on to Wisconsin residents


  • We looked at the most common procedure performed at our ambulatory surgery center: Cataract Surgery with Intraocular Lens.
  • Savings were then calculated based on the number of procedures performed at Independent Surgery Center, LLC, since opening in 2011.
  • Finally, we calculated the cumulative savings our patients experienced by having their procedure at Independent Surgery Center, LLC, versus the average provider in the State of Wisconsin.
  • An online resource provided by the Wisconsin Hospital Association Information Center (, provides the cost for these procedures at all facilities across the State of Wisconsin, including Oakleaf Surgical Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Marshfield Clinic ASC, and the Mayo Clinic Health System.

What is our health care price transparency?

Health care and medical insurance have become increasingly complicated. However, we believe our patients should be able to readily understand what they will pay for any health care service.

At Independent Surgery Center, LLC, our staff works with patients to determine what fees are their responsibility, based on what type of insurance coverage they have. We also provide a written quote for services to help patients understand their responsibility.

Each surgery (cataract, corneal transplants, SLT, YAG, etc.) has a specific charge assigned for the facility portion of the surgery. These charges cover the use of the surgery center, its equipment, staff, and the supplies needed to perform the surgery.

Our surgery center runs on a very simple business model. We meticulously track what it costs to offer a procedure, then we add a profit margin. This becomes our contracted rate with our insurers. We can’t afford to ask our patients to pay for anything else.

Experience our Surgery Center.

Our pricing is not the only benefit we offer to our patients. Independent Surgery Center, LLC is the only surgery center in the region that specializes in eye surgery, meaning that eye surgery is the primary focus in all we do. All of our staff members are hand-picked for this purpose and we utilize the same quality measures tracked by hospitals and mandated by Medicare standards.

At Independent Surgery Center, LLC, we offer the latest technology specific to your ophthalmic needs. We provide a safe, friendly, efficient, quality environment; and at a fraction of the cost of surgery at nearby hospitals.

See how our surgery prices compare.

Savvy consumers have figured out how to compare prices for surgical procedures among different providers and facilities by going online at Wisconsin Pricepoint and other independent tracking organizations. However, price reporting on these sources may be up to 6 months old. So, please call us to find out how low our fees are currently. Below is a comparison using our most common procedure.

Independent Surgery Center, LLC Chippewa Falls $2,929 $3,250
St. Joseph's Hospital Chippewa Falls $7,676 -
Marshfield Clinic - Eau Claire Asc Eau Claire $5,758 $421
Mayo Clinic Health System Eau Claire Eau Claire $5,643 $536
Oakleaf Surgical Hospital Eau Claire $3,776 $2,403

Data source: Health Care Data Report 2016
The Health Care Data Report presents an annual summary of data of utilization and charges from Wisconsin hospitals and free-standing ambulatory surgery centers. This information is drawn from data collected under Chapter 153, Wisconsin Statutes. Released July 2017.

Remember that the total cost of your surgical procedure will include our facility fee, your surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, as well as any necessary tests. Check out our Financial Information at the top of this page for more information. If you are not insured or have a high deductible plan, it’s extremely important to shop carefully for your health care services, using the most current data.

Learn how we control our costs.

At Independent Surgery Center, LLC, our primary focus is on ophthalmic surgeries. We are dedicated to excellence in this specific area and are constantly seeking to improve on the high value that we offer.

We take pride that we have negotiated contracts with most major insurers and that insurers are now pursuing us to be part of their networks. We utilize careful case cost management techniques that take into account your particular needs and your physician’s specific plans for your procedure.

In addition, our staff routinely reviews case costs and examines ways to improve our service and operate more efficiently. Locally owned and managed, there’s no outside management company taking profits or driving up our costs.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Save Money

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